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Sea Transportation Sea freight is also an extremely favorable option for transporting large items,
tin particular when shipping overseas.
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Air Transportation Transporting large items or quantities by air can be stressful and exhausting,
but with our help the entire process is made easy and simple.
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Ground Transportation The expertise our workers have developed makes the entire ground transport
process as easy and straightforward as possible for all our customers.
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Rail Transportation Our company will take care of the documentation, allowing you
to relax as your items are transported in exceptional time.
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    Globe Logistics

    Globe Logistics is a transport and logistics company aiming to provide customers with all the solutions to their transportation needs.

    From product distribution to freight forwarding to a full revamp of your supply chain, we will be able to help you with any transport or logistics-based problem. Our transport services can truly maximise efficiency and effectiveness of your product supply. Furthermore, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a service of the highest quality while also helping you to reduce your packaging and transport costs as well as the carbon footprint you produce in product distribution.
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    We are happy to take care of the transport of any of your vehicles in the most efficient and effective way possible.


    Any healthcare items or products that you require to be transported are no problem for us.


    We will always ensure your technological items are transported safely and carefully in order to avoid any potential damages occurring.


    We appreciate the difficulty of transporting heavy machinery and equipment long distances and therefore we are happy to organize this process on your behalf.


    We handle the global shipping and handling of perishable materials, fresh-cut flowers, seafood and more.

    Precious metals

    We have excellent experience in all the details associated with handling precious cargo.

    U.S. Armed Forces

    We are honored to provide supplies to U.S. armed forces to ensure they receive they have everything they need for everything they do for our country.

    Many Others

    Contact us to find out if we have a custom solution that can exceed all your transport needs.


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